Posted by: Dennie | September 3, 2013

Woe Is Me.


“Why did you put this ad at the bottom of your post?”

“What ad?”  I had been engrossed  with something on my laptop screen and not really paying attention to my husband’s question.

“This one. It’s some type of video. See?”

I looked over as he moved his laptop toward me.

What the hell?

What IS that on my blog?

He was right. It was an ad. That I did not put there. It wigged me out so much I didn’t even watch to see what it was, but immediately dropped what I was doing and logged into WordPress to see what was happening on my post.

It wasn’t there.

I needed to figure out what was going on.

So begins the last forty-eight hours of trying to understand all I don’t know about WP and blogging.

Just when I thought I was beginning to understand a little.

I find out I understand very little.

I’ve been reading a lot of WP support stuff.

My head is spinning and my eyes feel like they’re doing those crazy  googly circle things like in cartoons.

This is what I think I read…

If I understand correctly, the ad on my post had been placed there by WP in order to help defray the costs and keep free, free.

If I want ads on my blog that might provide a little extra income, then I need to upgrade, get a different domain name, and potentially spend up to ninety-nine dollars a year for some bells and whistles.

I don’t think the cost is an exorbitant amount of money for the bells and whistles they’ll provide.

I can’t figure out the FREE bells and whistles I already have so I’m not about to get involved with more complicated embellishments.


So then comes the next thing.


Can not even REMEMBER how I got enmeshed with this helpful little gem.

Since I began this blog, I’ve had difficulty posting photos and other stuff to make it look more appealing.

I have basic boring text.

When I stumbled across Zemanta, I thought I had found a simple answer.


I tried it last night. Ended up not posting anything because I spent so much time fiddling around trying to fit text and photos–which were GIGANTIC– into my post in a way that looked interesting. But the edit page was harder to work with…I couldn’t see the text…the picture was too big, too small…I was going nuts.

Is it me? Does anyone else out there not get  the directions and become confused with this stuff?

God. It drives me crazy.

I want so much to know what I’m doing.

So tonight, I decided to just read. Go to the support page and start from the beginning.

Oh dear. Crap.

I’m worse off now than I was two months ago…


Tags. Categories. Still not clear on the difference between those two.



Get back, Jack.

Galleries and slide shows. I understand that. But it says “…now that you’re a whiz at uploading images from the editors in your Reader and dashboard…” Huh? I must have skipped something somewhere. I’m NO  whiz.  Go back and re-read, Dennie.

Gravatar. Why the hell doesn’t mine appear when I comment? I have a photo. And then what’s the reverse negative thing that I used to think was my Gravatar? It shows up too.




I feel very dumb.

And the sad thing is? I’m like this with most things technical.

I lost two weeks’ time with my replaced cell phone. Looking for info that just disappeared.

I still don’t understand my four-year old laptop.

Have NO idea what I’m doing with my iPad.

And I’m floundering around in the sea of WordPress. Trying to catch my breath. Post a photo. Wrap some text. And look professional.

I wonder when I’ll ever get there.


  1. Your well-written post frustrated and amused me, simultaneously. I hear and relate to your bamboozlement. Personally, I appreciate your blog for your writing. Your messages don’t necessarily need augmentation with photos, graphics, etc. Yet to each, our own. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    • I’m very good at driving myself to the edge of insanity.
      Thanks again for appreciation.

  2. Dennie ~ you are singing my song! I have no idea what that Zemantha thing is so I ignore it. My text is boring, but I don’t care. I do insert a picture/photo with every post b/c I like a little color. I just do my little thing and write. Your blog looks great! Keep up the great work ~ I’ll keep reading and we will keep connecting! Big hugs ♥

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