Posted by: Dennie | September 17, 2013

Closer To The Warrior Dash

I feel sick.

Today I was Mapquest-ing  directions for this weekend’s Warrior Dash, and as is my custom when I check anything online, I clicked, and clicked and clicked. And eventually landed on this….    BUT WAIT!!!

When you  click it, you may not find much of anything.   I opened the link earlier today and it had a layout of the course map and included locations and pictures of twelve obstacles but for some reason, it’s disappeared.  I think it  might have been an OOPS by the Dash people. Maybe they don’t want us to know what we’ll be up against.

But I was able to get this scarier-than-Halloween-easy-way-to-break-your-ankle-photo…

Eleven others were posted as well.


TWELVE obstacles situated  along a three point five mile run.

As I scrolled through the map, I thought, “I paid money to do this????”

Today is Tuesday. I have three gym days left until The Dash and I haven’t been there since last Friday. Not only was I really busy, but I was afraid  I might be getting sick or at the very least fighting something off. I was exhausted all weekend. Bone weary, ass dragging exhausted. Very unlike me. So I slept a lot and hope I headed demons off at the pass because I feel better today.

My plan now is to get to the gym for the next three days and practice pulling myself up a rope.  TRX. Pull-ups. Push-ups.  Whatever I can do these last few hours to build a little more upper body strength. Some of those obstacles look downright nasty.

“It’ll be fun!”

That’s what everyone is telling me. Right. Fun like a tooth extraction. The gas is fun. The pain is not.

But , hey, I did a good thing. I surpassed the goal I set for myself and  raised over five hundred dollars for the kids at St. Jude’s Hospital. And for all the complaining I’m doing, I really do think it will be a good time. Sometimes I just like to bitch.

I’ll have more before the week is out. More bitching. More info.

Right now I’m going to the dentist. Really.


  1. Of course you paid money! 🙂

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