Posted by: Dennie | September 19, 2013

Signs From My Higher Power

I believe in messages from  my Higher Power. Little nudges. Important reminders. Strange coincidences. Meeting just the right person at just the right time. A phone call. Email. Anything that makes me go…”Hmmmmm.”

But I’d been a little perturbed with HP lately. I hadn’t heard too much from Him. Or Her. Or It. Last spring, right before I re-started  this blog, the messages were like bullets flying in from all over the place.


And so I did. I wrote all summer, tried to blog every night. But lately I’ve realized…I’ve stopped receiving those memos. Do I need to turn up the volume? Am I not listening? Not paying attention?

Well, He-She-It is there, as always, yet I frequently fail to remember that. And during the course of  this past  week, after behaving like a bratty kid because things weren’t going my way or moving fast enough, I got knocked upside the head, and heard the message loud and clear. Four times. And then some.

So, before I go any further, and although I’ve already  said Thank You, I’ll send one up again.

“Thank You for getting in touch when I was doubting. I know You have other issues to deal with besides me and I  appreciate Your time, love and support.”


Number One.

Saturday morning I met my daughter for breakfast. She lives a couple of hours from me, so we met halfway at a cute little diner. We were able to talk in more detail than we do during our regular phone conversations. She’s busy, I’m busy, and we generally touch base daily, but time prohibits the luxury of long talks.

So it was nice to just sit and shoot the BS with her.

We  talked about her upcoming wedding next June, our jobs, exercise, food and…my blog. She mentioned she had a friend with a daily blog which ran in her local newspaper. Would I be interested if her friend could provide a contact name to connect with a publication near me?

Sure. Of course.

Doubting Dennie had reservations about anyone with clout and experience who might show interest in her little blog, but she is always open to possibilities.

And that was that. Or so I thought.

Number Two.

On Monday, I took the day off from work and my husband and I went to  The Big E.  For those of you who don’t live near the northern part of the eastern US, check out the link.  We had a great time and I think I fulfilled my intention of consuming enough calories to last me until next  month.

While strolling though the building which featured Connecticut businesses and merchants,  I found the booth of  CAPA, or The Connecticut Authors and Publishers Association, where I shared nearly thirty minutes of insightful conversation with MJ Allaire of Bookateer Publishing. In that short time, I learned a lot about writing and publishing a book. It was enlightening, mind-blowing and scary but I walked away happy to have connected with another writer. It gave me hope and sort-of made me feel the same type of commonality I get when I’m in an AA meeting. I’m not alone.

Number Three.

We were relaxing in front of the TV that night and my husband got a text from his friend. It was for me, but he didn’t have my number. He’d seen a flyer for an upcoming local writing workshop and thought I might be interested. Open to all possibilities, I checked it out online and discovered that the group hosting the workshop holds  monthly meetings for writers of all levels; beginner through published novelist. I had no idea of their existence. So I signed up for the workshop and will definitely check out the meeting. Thank you, Peter, and HP.

Number Four.

My daughter’s friend provided a contact name. “Get in touch with her, maybe she can help you out.”

I had my misgivings. But I also had the ever-present glimmer of hope, and with it came the courage to fire off a letter.

There’s a Number Five, but until I’m sure of the details, I’m not ready to share. I’m really excited and hope to hear something soon. It could be an awesome move in the right direction for me.

Stay tuned.

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