Posted by: Dennie | October 8, 2013

Busy—I’m Not Alone


My husband likes to tease me when I say I’m busy and have a lot of “stuff” to do, which is  just about every day. My retired stay-at-home man, whose days, although I’m sure he would argue this, are not nearly as busy as mine, wigs out if he has more than three things to do. Most days, he ambles down in the morning, leisurely peruses his paper and emails while enjoying  breakfast and coffee and contemplating his day. (Guaranteed this will provoke some comment from him.)   I have to admit that sometimes I’m envious, and even a bit peeved,  as I scurry to get to work on time.

I’m thankful and grateful for my job. I enjoy it. It’s generally not too stressful and the environment is pleasant. But working eight hours  creates many kinks in my daily chain of life. There are so many other things I’d rather  do. Even if I don’t like them all. Getting the garden cleaned up for fall. (Like.) Balancing my checking account. (No like.) Going to the gym. (Like.) Finishing closets from summer to winter. (No like.) Writing. Reading. Listening to music.  (Like, like, like.)

I try to make the best possible use of my time, but there’s never enough of it for me.

So I was very happy  and even a bit relieved  when I read  Freshly Pressed, A New Curse Word, by  Laura Grace Weldon. 

She validated me. I’m not alone in my super-busyness.  And most of the responses agreed with Laura. They could relate. Life just spins too fast.

Maybe we should all get together and figure out a way to slow things down…

Raise your hand if you’ve got the time.







  1. I like being busy too 😉

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