Posted by: Dennie | October 26, 2013

Secrets And Lies-What Happened?

Lots of dirt

Everyone’s family has something in the closet. Something of shame or embarrassment.

Something they don’t want leaked out. My family is no different.

Mostly because of little old me.

For anyone new here, some of my dirt was revealed in earlier posts.

So I felt an immediate connection a few months ago when I came across a blog   that dealt with the same thing. The writer shared candidly. The pain and shame were obvious. But the writer was hesitant to divulge too many details. Bits and pieces were revealed. The writer was terrified  they might be recognized. They were using the blog as a place to purge. A kind of invisible therapy in the hopes they might eventually grow strong enough to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but.

I connected.  So I commented. The writer commented back. I empathized and shared my pain. I shared that the agony eventually helped me grow, and let go. I learned that not everyone would ever understand. Some would remain confined in the muck and mire. Choose to stay there. And I learned to make peace with that. I explained that I still had pain, that some might never go away. There was nothing I could do about the dysfunction and blind self-righteous that others felt. I could fix  nobody but me.

We connected. I began to look forward to the writer’s posts. To our little comments back and forth, encouraging each other. The fear of being found out was so great that I never learned the writer’s name. Never learned where they were from. Never learned any details which might give a clue to who they were. They obviously wanted to remain anonymous. Which is why I am only referring  to “the writer.”

Then, the blogs stopped. Nothing. I worried a little that something might had happened. Something bad. I attempted to get in touch through a comment. No response. I tried again. Please just let me know you’re okay.


I’ve not seen a published post in months.

A few years ago I started a blog. It never took off. I dropped it as abruptly as it began. I’m hoping that life just got busy for this person. That kids, school, work, whatever, got in the way. But I’m afraid that may not be the case. That something bad happened.  I hope not.

It’s funny, this new and unfamiliar blogging world. This cyberspace where anyone can be anybody. Or nobody. Hide in plain view. Like the “real world”,  there’s all kinds of people here. Some good and honest. Others, I would bet, not so much.

English: grapes or vine

English: grapes or vine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We connect, we bloggers. We share, we support and console. We care.  And all-in most cases-without ever meeting face to face. We’re tied by a common thread, the love of writing. Our words bind us together like grapes on a vine. Single, but part of a whole. We need each other to grow.

It’s funny. How I’m concerned about the well-being of someone I’ve never met. Someone I may never hear from again. But someone who touched my heart in a profound way.

I hope they are okay, and that they know someone is cyberspace cares.



  1. That is beautiful! Like minds connecting through cyber lines. It’s wonderful to know that possibly one day someone that I’ve yet to physically meet would care and care enough to write a post about me. Hopefully your “writer” will one day come across this post. 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment and stopping by my blog. Wouldn’t it be nice if we all cared just a little bit (more) about each other?

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