Posted by: Dennie | November 4, 2013

Technology, Photography, Time And Other Stuff.

Things I Must Earn is an acronym for T.I.M.E.

In my case it’s  T.I.M.L.

Things. I. Must. LEARN.

So much to learn. So little time.

I’m slowly teaching myself the ins and outs of WordPress. It seems as if it’s taking forever, but when I remind myself I’ve only been doing this steadily since July, I cut myself just a bit of slack. I’m getting there.

As I’ve said before, I’m not the best at technology, but I’m trying. I still don’t know how to use the Bluetooth for my car. I still have trouble making the music I’ve downloaded on my phone come out of the speakers in the car. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. But I’m getting there.

All I need for TIML is TIME.

Three years ago my husband and I were fortunate to travel to South Africa. Before we left, we bought two cameras, as the trip was a “photo safari.”  (Stay with me here, I’m going to take a little detour from my TIME topic, but I’ll come back around.)  We originally bought one camera, and decided a  week or two later that it would be a good idea to purchase a zoom lens.  The next thing we knew, we were walking out of the store with the zoom and a second camera. That’s us. Impulsive. It’s as if we temporarily lose our minds.

(Hang on,this gets better-or worse, depending how you look at it.)  One New Year’s Day years ago, we had nothing to do so we went to the mall. And came home with a German Shepard puppy. We had no intention of buying a dog that day, but there we were that night, parents of a six-week old furry baby girl.

Another time when we walked into a Harley store and I walked out as the proud owner of  a new (used) motorcycle. And I didn’t even know how to ride!  

Finally, I hope, at least for a while,  there was the mother of all spontaneity; a fund-raising dinner for the business of a friend which, unbeknownst to us was also an auction. That night we found ourselves bidding on, and winning, not one trip, but two.  A South African photo safari, for which we needed the camera(s), and week at villa in Tuscany.

After these bizarre and excessive activities, we usually suffer a period of buyer’s remorse.  As in “What the hell did we just do???!!!”  We are not wealthy. Far from it. By a long stretch. We’re just plain nuts. In our defense, I must say that at least  the trips were offered with a very lengthy period of time in which to take them-a few years, actually.  If it weren’t for that, I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t have bid. We’re not that crazy. I don’t think…

So coming around from the detour,  I was saying I need to take time to learn the aforementioned  things, and another on my list is my camera. I want to be creative with it. Artistic. Imaginative. It takes great photos, but I always use the auto setting and sometimes I can’t get the results I’d like. I look at some of the photo blogs on WP and ask myself why I can’t take shots like that.

I can. I just need TIME and TIML.

So yesterday, I spent a few hours with a great guy by the name of Ken Rockwell.  Not really with him in person, but on his website, which came highly recommended by the talented young photographer who helped us when we purchased our cameras three years ago.

I don’t know if Ken is any relation to Norman, but he’s very artistic with his camera and he knows A LOT.

Perusing his website helped me understand that although my camera is automatic, it still offers a huge variety of settings that make photos come alive. And my settings were all wrong. It’s no wonder I have trouble taking good photos.

So now  the little taste of learning I got yesterday has me  amped to learn more, and to practice.  And there’s the rub. Like anything else, including hanging out here on WP writing, taking pictures takes practice. It’s trial and error. But the cool thing is that film is obsolete.  Digital is great.

Now that I’ve re-awakened my determination to understand my camera, I plan to devote more TIME to learning it. Maybe I can incorporate that here. You all can get a good laugh.

Just for the hell of it, here are a few photos from our trips…


DSC_0163 DSC_0810-2 DSC_0394-2 DSC_0602-2


DSC_1281 DSC_1262 DSC_1314 DSC_1415

It took me almost as long to get these pictures posted as it did to write the damn post.

And I have NO IDEA why the font appears in different sizes. Still learning….


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