Posted by: Dennie | September 4, 2014


Not talking about bowel movements here. Sorry.Some people, who will remain nameless (you know who you are) like to talk about shit.

How vulgar and gross am I tonight?

Anyway-this irregularity topic has to do with—surprise–my extended absence from here. My speck of a spot in the cyber world. How many times have I stated I’d be back — writing with regularity then fizzled out?

Too many.

But my absence has not been due to laziness or not writing. Oh no. I’ve had a very busy and productive summer…writing workshops, memoir classes, contest entries (no cigar yet) and the biggie is yet to come—I’ve enrolled in a writing course at my local state university. Me–who hated school. Taking my first dip on Monday night. “Intro to the Creative Process.” 

I’m excited. Scared. Nervous. Homework? Lots of reading?  And my biggest fear-tests and exams. I used to freeze and blank out when taking a test. Will that still be the same? What if  I fail? What if I hate the teacher? What if the teacher hates me?

Jesus.Fifty-eight and going back to school. Sort of. 

But Grandma Moses started late. Maybe I have a chance, too.


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